Laptop Downsizing

My Laptop Setup

From 512 Pixels:

Currently, I'm using a Mid 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. It has an 2.5 Ghz i7, 16 GB of RAM and a 1 TB of SSD storage. It's the fastest, most capable Mac I've ever owned. ... I went with the 15-inch because I thought I'd be using it as a notebook way more than I actually do.


I fell foul of this when I started remote working, I bought a maxed-out 15” Retina MacBook Pro thinking I’d need something powerful for at my desk and something I could carry around for when I needed to get out of the house.

Unfortunately, due to the size of the rMBP, I never took it out and ended up with the same ‘tied to my desk’ feeling I would’ve had with a desktop Mac.

The best thing I did, for my productivity (and my mental wellbeing) was trade the rMBP in for a far, far less powerful 12” MacBook. Yes, it’s slower, which can be especially noticeable when I’m coding or photo editing but now I feel like I have far more freedom and I work in other (more interesting) locations more often.

I don’t regret the decision to trade down, all I had to do was swap some power for a bit of patience, which was worth it in the long run. It’s something I’d definitely recommend considering if you have a large laptop but still feel ‘stuck’ in the home office.

Shooting Film Again

I’ve recently started shooting a bit of film again so I ‘scanned’ and uploaded some of the results to Flickr. They’re all in my film album (along with some old ones I uploaded a good while ago). My scanning process isn’t exactly typical - but that’ll all be explained in a post that’s coming soon…

A Little More About Me

And while I remember, you can also find out a little more out at

Check back soon.

Me On The Internet

As I never seem to have anything interesting enough to write a blog post of any length about it seems like a good time to mention all the other (far more frequently updated) places that you can find me on the internet.

The popular places (where I’m known as digitalpardoe):

If you must:


There’s probably a lot more places you can find me that I’ve forgotten about, but if you haven’t already realised, my username tends to be digitalpardoe so just try a search on your ‘social’ site of choice.

Strangely, in putting this together, I seem to have thought of something longer to write about.

Check back soon.

Just An Introduction

I’ve been promising to write this post for a while now, it is exactly what is says in the title, an introduction. A good friend of mine, after much persuasion has finally ‘got his blog on’. Fortunately he has a far better blogging style than me and blogs far more often so it shouldn’t be too much of a strain on the senses to bookmark him and/or add him to your feed reader. Funnily enough he is also a keen photographer so don’t forget to check out his Flickr page, you’ll find a link from his blog.

So here he is, (drum roll please), Mr Rob Young:

Be nice, I don’t want him scared back off the internet, it took long enough to get him on here.

Don’t forget to check back here sometimes too.

Exams, Exams, Exams

I suppose i’d better start by saying happy new year to everyone that reads this blog. As you can probably tell development is very slow. I haven’t really had much time to do anything as I have had a few computer science exams, the majority of which are still on going. I need to think of something new and interesting to do, something that will hold my attention for more than ten minutes. As soon as I think of something I will give you a heads up, but for now I will sign off.

Java Programming

Well, it was bound to happen eventually, i’ve turned to the dark side and accepted Java as a programming language. It was sort of inevitable being as I have to learn Java for uni and I now have a complete game to program for an assessment. As for iSyncIt, progress is slow, really slow, but it is getting done, I might release 1.0 as an incremental rather than a large change release. Sorry to disappoint but I really haven’t got time (it will be my primary focus again around christmas when I go home from uni). I may however try to write something Mac & Java in the mean time, to keep all you freeware hungry vultures going.


I am finally at university & I have managed to get my internet working. As soon as I am settled in and I know where I am going work on iSyncIt will continue. The 1.0 release will be as stable as I can get it to be, but I will also be adding as many new features as I can possibly think of. I can’t imagine it being more than a few weeks until the next release is ready, so say tuned.