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Archive - Software

The downloads provided below are no longer actively developed, I’m keeping them available for people running older versions of Mac OS X and as a reference. For past versions of these downloads please visit the downloads archive.


iSyncIt Icon

iSyncIt is a small menu bar application that allows you to sync your devices more easily and quickly than just using iSync alone. iSyncIt has the ability to automatically turn your bluetooth on and off, saving you power if you are using a laptop. It also has a built in scheduler to allow you to set up automatic syncing of your devices.

GitHub | Download

Set Icon

Set Icon... Icon

Set Icon is a small application that lets you quickly and easily set a custom icon for one your drives either from an ICNS file or any old image file that Mac OS supports. Just select your drive, drag an image file to the image area and click ‘Set Icon’, when you want to remove the custom icon just select the drive, check the ‘Remove Custom Icon’ box and click ‘Remove Icon’.

GitHub | Download

My Book Icons

My Book Icons... Icon

A set of Western Digital My Book icons for Mac, Windows (including Vista) and now Linux. The set includes icons for the Western Digital My Book; Premium, Pro, Essential, Premium II, Pro II, World, World II drives and now; new Essential, Home, Office, Studio & Studio II. All icons are in vertical and horizontal orientations.


My Passport Icons

My Passport Icons... Icon

A set of Mac, Windows & Linux icons for the Western Digital My Passport range of portable external hard drives. The set currently includes icons for the red, black, dark blue, light blue, orange, pink, turquoise, white, silver and yellow ‘Essential’ drives & the black and silver ‘Studio’ drives.


Kill Dashboard

Kill Dashboard Icon

Kill Dashboard is a basic Automator action to shut down Dashboard after use. It allows you to free up RAM and processor cycles without permanently disabling Dashboard. It should work on all Tiger platforms assuming you’ve done no dodgy OS editing of your own.


Kill Front Row

Kill Front Row Icon

Kill Front Row is a basic Automator action to shut down Front Row after use, it is useful if you want to free up RAM and processor cycles to use for something else, without disabling Front Row altogether. It should work with all versions of Front Row on all platforms even if you have hacked it on yourself.


Web Server Management

Web Server Management Icon

Web Server Management is a useful little Automator action that I created to allow you to easily turn on and off your web server components. The initial release caters for Mac OS X’s built in Apache Server and the latest releases of MySQL that installs to ‘/usr/local’. I have created this for people that do not wish to write their own AppleScript or Automator actions.