Flickr BBCode

phpBB is one of the most widely used forum systems on the internet and Flickr is one of the most popular photo sharing websites, unfortunately there is still no concrete way to integrate the two of them. As a temporary solution I came up with the following piece of BBCode to allow for the easy display of Flickr images in phpBB forums.

First, you will need to navigate to the “Admin Control Panel” of phpBB then to the “Posting” section. From here navigate to the screen that allows you to add custom BBCode.

In the “Usage” section paste the following code (‘\’s denote a continuation of the current line, don’t include them):

In the “HTML” section paste:

Then in the “Help” section paste:

And that’s it, you can use the tag by navigating to one of your photo’s Flickr “All Sizes → Medium” page (e.g., copying the code in the “1. Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage:” box. And inserting it after the “=” in the Flickr BBCode tag, e.g.:

Check back soon.

Flickr BBCode