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More Java & TextMate [Updated]

Update: Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work any more.

A while ago I wrote a short post (here) about some additions that I had made to TextMate in order to improve its compiling of Java applications, I had made the changes because I had started programming in Java at university and wasn’t happy with the way that TextMate handled the files. In the post I promised a follow up post detailing some other improvements I had made to the Java bundle, finally, that post is here, sort of.

I’ve made so many changes to various bundles and themes it has become to difficult / long winded to document the changes in a post so instead, I have decided to release the changes as a small download from the website. You can find the files you will need on the relevant software page (this does not work anymore, read the update at the top of the page). The main changes are some slight tweaks of the Blackboard theme, the main theme I use and the addition of some new snippets, the compiling shortcuts from my previous post & some menu reordering in the Java bundle.

Make sure that you follow the instructions on the download page or in the README file when installing the files, I don’t want you to go breaking your computer now.

Sorry for the delay in this one, hope it satisfies you appetite, check back soon.