TextMate, Java & Compiling [Updated]

For those of you that do not already know TextMate is a brilliant text editor for Mac OS X, including syntax highlighting and the most useful snippets system I have ever come across. If your a budding coder and want to try it out visit: macromates.com, and download a copy.

This post illustrates some of the bundle items I have either modified or added to TextMate to make it easier to use for Java development. If you use TextMate already then hopefully you will know how to use the bundle editor if you don’t then there is some good documentation available here.

In the code snippets below a ‘\’ at the end of a line indicates the code continues but is illustrated on the line below.

  1. Compile, but no run.
  1. Run in terminal.
  1. Compile and run in TextMate.
  1. Compile and run in terminal.
  1. Compile and run package item. This also relies on you setting a CLASSPATH variable in you .bashrc, and will only work for packages one deep, still useful if you are just starting out with Java.

This post was just an illustration of how to make compilation in TextMate for Java more useable, in the next post I will be adding some new snippets, the ones that are missing from the original TextMate bundle.

Update: I have now (finally) expanded on this post, you can read about more changes here.

TextMate, Java & Compiling [Updated]