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Another New Month

These months just seem to come round faster and faster. First of all I will start of by saying that iSyncIt development is moving along steadily and I will be implementing a few features that people have emailed me in the next few releases, especially in the 1.0 release that will be coming up very soon.

Secondly, development will slow down a little at the end of this month as I will be moving to Aberystwyth University to do Internet Engineering. Hopefully this will give me the grounds to write some even better applications.

Thirdly, because of my move to Aberystwyth I have decided that I need to be more organized and, being the geek that I am, I decided to write an application to do it all for me. Of course, it will be published and made available to everyone, hopefully sometime this month.

Finally, if anyone that reads this blog attends or will be attending Aberystwyth Uni let me know through the contact page. I want to know if any one (soon to be) local to me finds my stuff useful.