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Little Snitch, iSyncIt & The Website

The first topic of todays post is Little Snitch. For those of you that do not know this Mac OS X software, it is a small utility that warns of outgoing connections and allows them to be blocked if necessary. It can be downloaded here. The main reason I am mentioning it is that I have received an email today from a worried user of iSyncIt that was informed by Little Snitch of iSyncIt checking in with This is perfectly normal as this is the websites hosting server so it is OK to allow the connection with Little Snitch, iSyncIt is just checking for updates.

Version 0.6 of iSyncIt is out with the advertised bug fixes. I have also rewritten all the code so the memory footprint is much smaller. The general appearance of the application (especially the preferences panel) has also been improved.

I have also received an email from my web host to inform me that my account may be moved to a different hosting server. This may cause a very short amount of downtime in the coming days. It could also cause Little Snitch to report a different server, but it is still OK.